::February 6, 2017- CGUN's kicking off Grammy week in LOS ANGELES with a FREE show at THE GRAFTON ON SUNSET this THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9th at 9PM! BABYFACE, WALTER AFANASIEFF, and KENNY G's ISINA RECORDS crew is going to be there to interview GUNTHER and film his performance... RSVP NOW!

:: January 17, 2017- Losing the "THE REAL THING" is always an unpleasant regret. Check out ANCHOR AND WINGS on iTUNES and SPOTIFY now! 

:: January 1, 2017- HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this one be the best yet!! "LIGHTS ON" taken from the CD project, ANCHOR AND WINGS out now on all formats...

:: December 1, 2016- The ANCHOR AND WINGS cape-flying countdown to 2017 begins with CGUN's pop, guitar-tinged, dance-floor groove, "STOP PUSHING"!

:: November 26, 2016- If you like DAVID BOWIE, GEORGE MICHAEL, MICHAEL JACKSON, and PRINCE then check out CGUN on MUSIC TALKS all the way from AUSTRALIA

:: November 5, 2016- Art + Music + Passion = ANCHOR AND WINGS! A pop-rock-soul-electronic fusion available now on iTunes/ Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby, etc (physical and digital)...

:: October 31, 2016- Happy Halloween! "I fall and you flee / Cruel trickery"-- ANCHOR AND WINGS out now!

:: October 14, 2016- The City Of Angeles blessed CGUN's 1st L.A. show with a FULL HOUSE and a DOPE reception! 

:: October 2, 2016- CGUN's LOS ANGELES DEBUT has been confirmed for Thursday, October 13th at THE GRAFTON ON SUNSET... It's FREE and OPEN to the public!

:: September 27, 2016- The gift that keeps on giving. BABYFACE (MICHAEL JACKSON, MADONNA, ARIANA GRANDE) and WALTER AFANASIEFF (MARIAH CAREY, RICKY MARTINCELINE DION) just gave CRIS GUNTHER his 4th #1 song via "I Don't Know What You Know" on their ISINA weekly chart. CGUN's spent 6 weeks at the peak position!

:: September 15, 2016- CGUN's first American Men's Magazine feature is out now! Read the article and be sure to check out COOL AMERICA's inspiring fashion editorials

:: September 12, 2016- CRIS GUNTHER was cast in his first leading role in a feature film... #triplethreat #hollywood

:: August 26, 2016- The ANCHOR AND WINGS promo video and CGUN's artist reel is on the air!

:: August 10, 2016- CGUN's episode of BALCONY TV showcasing, "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU KNOW" from the album project, ANCHOR AND WINGS (available now). BALCONY TV is a music franchise that's seen famous artists such as MUMFORD & SONSED SHEERAN, and JESSIE J all record episodes before launching internationally. From London to Los Angeles, the concept is a one-take performance on a rooftop in a culturally influential city of the world!

:: July 19, 2016-
CGUN's ANCHOR AND WINGS is feeling the love!

:: June 30, 2016-

:: June 20, 2016- Get your physical/ digital copy of ANCHOR AND WINGS now!

:: June 19, 2016- The first ANCHOR AND WINGS review's in and standout track, "GO!" has been blessed by none other than WALTER AFANASIEFF (producer/ songwriter of some of MARIAH CAREY, RICKY MARTIN, and CELINE DION's biggest hits).

:: May 23, 2016- ANCHOR AND WINGS is fueling up! PRE-ORDER on AMAZON and iTUNES until JUNE 20TH, 2016 (official digital/physical release) and get CGUN's first ever graphic novel (adult comic), "ANCHOR AND WINGS: FALLING INTO THE OPEN" as a gift. 

:: April 2, 2016- Rock/movie star JARED LETO and CARRERA EYEWEAR featured CRIS GUNTHER's original unreleased song, "204" on their Maverick promo casting campaign!

:: March 9, 2016- Next week is the opening of CGUN's first HOLLYWOOD leading role in the MACHA THEATRE/FILM's staged production of "HAIR- THE AMERICAN TRIBAL LOVE-ROCK MUSICAL" starting March 17-20 (6 shows)... To see the innovatively hip and politically controversial reinterpretation of the classic original- Get your tickets now! 

:: Dec. 21, 2015- CGUN's first rock foray- "GO!"- wraps up 2015 with another #1 bow on ISINA- the new BABYFACE and WALTER AFANASIEFF talent project! 

:: Sept. 28, 2015- CGUN's unreleased track, "204" hit #1 on ISINA- the new talent project of Grammy Producers/Composers, BABYFACE (MICHAEL JACKSON, WHITNEY HOUSTONARIANA GRANDE)- and WALTER AFANASIEFF (MARIAH CAREY, RICKY MARTIN, BARBRA STREISANDMARC ANTHONY). 

:: Aug. 9, 2015- In the spirit of "STRANGE FRUIT" (BILLIE HOLIDAY) and "41 SHOTS" (BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN)-- CGUN's "TERROR INC." joins the growing chorus of voices calling for racial justice in America... ‪

:: June 27, 2015- CGUN's composition, "THEY NEED LOVE" was rated #1 for three weeks on ISINA- the new talent project of Grammy Producers/Composers, BABYFACE (MICHAEL JACKSONMADONNA, ERIC CLAPTON)- and WALTER AFANASIEFF (MARIAH CAREY, RICKY MARTINLIONEL RICHIE, CELINE DION).

:: May 12, 2015- Systematic racism is inhumane. Too many people have died and too many lives have been destroyed...  

:: Sept. 15, 2014- CGUN will be the opening act for Brazilian Artist IVO MOZART whose song "ANJOS DE PLANTÃO has been a long running hit on radio stations all across the country and on MTV BRASIL! The show will be at GRANFINOS in BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL on October 10, 2014 at 10 pm... Get your tickets now at BHINGRESSOS.COM.BR!

:: Sept. 13, 2014- CRIS GUNTHER's "ANCHOR AND WINGS {The Rock Musical}" will make its stage debut tonight at 8 pm at PALÁCIO DAS ARTES in BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL! Grab the last tickets now at INGRESSO.COM

:: Sept. 12, 2014- NOTÍCIAS DE MINAS (REDE TV) will feature CGUN in a sit-down with presenter RAQUEL LAUDARES today at 6 pm on the eve of ANCHOR AND WINGS {The Rock Musical}'s opening at PALÁCIO DAS ARTES in BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL! Tickets are still on sale at INGRESSO.COM

:: Sept. 11, 2014- CGUN will appear on DIVERTA-SE (TV ALTEROSA) tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm in BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL for an interview and acoustic performance!

:: Sept. 10, 2014- REVISTA BH NEWS showcases CGUN's prime time debut at 5 pm in BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL!

:: Sept. 10, 2014- WAY BRASIL TV presents its GOURMET PERSONALITY program with CGUN as the featured host and performer!  

:: Sept. 6, 2014- CGUN's "ANCHOR AND WINGS {The Rock Musical}", will premier on September 13, 2014 at 8 pm in BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL at the famed, PALÁCIO DAS ARTES, with a cast of 14 dancers, 6 musicians and singers, 12 original songs, an original score, monologues, illustrations, and hit covers by Nina Simone, The Doors, Leonard Cohen, and more. The show will build on the conceptual narrative of the upcoming, ANCHOR AND WINGS album project release. Tickets are now on sale at INGRESSO.COM

:: June 6, 2014- CGUN hit #1 on REVERB NATION's POP CHART for BELO HORIZONTE, BRAZIL (the Brazilian 'CHICAGO')!

:: June 17, 2014- CGUN reached the national TOP 5 on REVERB NATION's POP CHART for BRAZIL!

:: May 30, 2014- CGUN's second Brazilian TV commercial was filmed for the drugstore chain, DROGARIA ARAUJO!

:: Feb. 14, 2014- "BLAME IT ON RIO" is no longer a dream. It's a Pop-Electronic, Samba-Rockin' musical extravaganza! CGUN's first official music video (recorded on an iPhone) has arrived with the sights, sounds and energy of the WORLD CUP and OLYMPICS- BRAZIL!

:: Oct. 6, 2013- CGUN's rock remix video montage of his song, "NEVER GIVE UP" about the BRAZILIAN UPRISING was chosen by MADONNA to be a daily feature in her digital arts initiative, #ArtForFreedom.  It was the first song and music video to be selected out of thousands of thought provoking, inspirational works of art!

:: Jan. 5, 2013- CGUN shot a modeling campaign for the global mining company, MAGNESITA!

:: Jan. 3, 2013- The KICKSTARTER campaign for CGUN's new musical project, ANCHOR AND WINGS was 100% FINANCED!  

:: Dec. 12, 2012- CGUN's first TV commercial was released in BRAZIL for the high-end supermarket chain, VERDEMAR!

:: Sept. 6, 1012- CGUN's humanist video montage of his unreleased song "NEVER GIVE UP" was added to the biggest standalone music site in the world with over 7 million users per month, NME MAGAZINE, based in the UNITED KINGDOM, in addition to more than twenty music and political blog sites around the world, including the USA, BRAZIL, JAPAN, TURKEY, POLAND, CROATIA and various Arabic sites in the MIDDLE EAST and ASIA